#MSBuild 2017 Revisited: Bots

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For the next couple months we're going to revisit Build 2017, each post focusing on different aspects and technologies presented. Not every session will be listed, just a select set, hopefully enough to wet your appetite. All the on-demand sessions can be found and the Channel 9 Build event site.

Bots, bots, bots everywhere... Here's a select 14 of the Bot sessions at Build.

Build Revisited Table Of Contents

Distill information into conversational, easy to navigate answers with Microsoft Cognitive…

Microsoft Cognitive Services QnA Maker is an easy-to-use API that trains AI to respond to users’ questions in a more natural, conversational way. QnA Maker is a question and answer service with a graphical user interface—meaning you don’t need to be a developer to train, manage, and use it for a wide range of solutions. 

Contextual decisions for you

Do you want to recommend a news story? Have your interface optimize for its user? Maybe you just wish that when you used machine learning it actually worked in deployment? In all of these cases, you want to make decisions amongst a set of actions based on a context to optimize an outcome. Doing this consistently and effectively requires a system that combines exploration and learning together to adaptively discover performant policies. We have created that system and deployed it several ways with great results. That system can now be used by you, most easily for simple content personalization, but more generally in any system where you have many repeated events where context matters in making a decision and the quality of that decision can be evaluated.

Chat bots on Bing.com

Learn how chat bots enhance the Bing experience and how you can add your custom bots to Bing.

Use Bing and Microsoft Cognitive Services to create unique domain and site search

In this session we discuss how you can use Bing and Cognitive Services to enhance your domain and site-specific solutions to best benefit your enterprise.

What’s new with the Microsoft Bot Framework

Come see how we have made it easier for developers to build more intelligent bots and to reach more channels, across all modalities. See the future of building bots with a preview of next Bot Framework release.

Build intelligence into your business apps with ease using Bing APIs in Microsoft…

The Bing API's in Cognitive Services let you bring the intelligence and knowledge of the planet to your app in just a few lines of code. Join us to learn about the Bing Search APIs, get a sneak peek at the next version of “Search” APIs, and learn how you can leverage these services in conjunction with the Microsoft Bot Framework to build an intelligent assistant. See useful demos, experience the simplicity of calling this code, and get ideas for adding this functionality to your own applications.

How Microsoft Cognitive Services can help your apps communicate with people

Microsoft Cognitive Services Language APIs - Bing Spell Check, Language Understanding, Linguistic Analysis, Text Analytics, Translator and Web LM - can enable your apps to understand language and communicate with people.

Computer vision made easy: From pre-trained models to Custom Vision, Microsoft Cognitive…

Learn about Computer Vision APIs and tools from Microsoft, and how you can embed them in your software solutions. There will be a deep dive into the new Custom Vision service from Microsoft Cognitive Services, a tool for easily building, deploying, and improving an image classifier. We will also disambiguate how to find the right tool for the job across our APIs, services, Cognitive Toolkit. There will be announcements and demos across image classification, face and emotion recognition, OCR, and video services. See powerful demos, experience the simplicity of calling this code, and get ideas for adding this functionality to your own applications.

Bot Analytics Dashboard

Why we needed to build an OSS dashboard displaying advanced analytics for Microsoft Bot Framework and how we did it.

Bot Human Handoff

Bots can’t replace our human agents, but they can augment the customer service experience. This session explores how we can use a bot to initiate a conversation with a customer, and then hand off context to a human agent.  

Creating FAQ bots with QnA Maker

The best bot is the one that meets the user’s needs, and sometimes that’s just the ability to answer some basic questions. Learn how to quickly create a bot with QnA Maker, a Microsoft Cognitive Service, with just a few lines of code, and enable your knowledge workers to update the knowledge base.

Dialog management in Bot Framework

One of the most important skills every bot developer needs is the ability to work with the dialog stack for a seamless conversation and experience for the user. The Node.JS Bot Framework SDK has powerful tools to enable your bot to transition from one dialog to the next, ensuring the correct dialog is executed for user requests. This session covers several strategies for working with dialogs in complex bots.

Designing conversational UI for bots (and humans)

The Bot Framework enables you to quickly build and publish a bot to engage with users on many of the popular messaging services like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, and Slack. But to many designers and developers, designing an “app” UI as a conversation in a messaging windows is a new and daunting prospect. In this session, you'll learn how to design a conversational UI that feels as fast, as fluid, and as natural as a messaging conversation between friends, while driving user engagement for your bot.

How your applications can benefit from AI using Bing APIs on Microsoft Cognitive Services

Bing APIs on Cognitive Services provides a wealth of AI capabilities for you to use in your enterprise or mobile applications. Learn how easy it is to incorporate knowledge and intelligence into your applications and take your business to the next level.

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