#MSBuild 2017 Revisited: ALM & DevOps

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For the next couple months we're going to revisit Build 2017, each post focusing on different aspects and technologies presented. Not every session will be listed, just a select set, hopefully enough to wet your appetite. All the on-demand sessions can be found and the Channel 9 Build event site.

Hard to cover a "developer" focused event without covering Application Lifecycle Management and DevOps. Of the 32'ish related sessions here's a select 20 sessions.

Build Revisited Table Of Contents

Modernize your database development lifecycle with SQL Server Data Tools in Visual Studio

Learn how SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) turns Visual Studio into a powerful environment for database development. Easily build, debug, maintain, and refactor databases inside Visual Studio with a declarative model that spans all the phases of database development and easily enables continuous integration and deployment for your databases. Work offline with a database project, or work directly with a connected database instance in Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and SQL Server running on Windows, Linux, or Docker, on-premises or in any cloud.

The next generation of HockeyApp: Visual Studio Mobile Center

In this video, Ian previews the first step in our [transition plan](https://hockeyapp.net/mobile-center): using your existing HockeyApp apps inside Mobile Center. This will be initially limited to HockeyApp Preseason customers and will expand over the coming months to all HockeyApp customers.

Build a CI/CD pipeline from Visual Studio

In this video Donovan Brown shows you how to use the new Continuous Delivery Extension for Visual Studio to build a complete CI/CD pipeline in Visual Studio Team Service and deploy to Azure.

Get my ASP.NET 4 app running in containers in Azure

Containers, containers, containers – I know I need to get going, but what can they do for my "old" ASP.NET MVC 4 application? And how can that help me get on a path to modern DevOps, cloud and easy maintenance?

Package management 101

You make use of components more and more in software development with NPM, Maven and NuGet. Come learn how Visual Studio Team Services can help you manage your teams packages.

Application Insights for .NET Microservices and Containers

Come to this session to learn how you can use Application Insights to tame the complexity of .NET microservices and containers. We take a quick tour of how to make the most of the Application Map and Analytics with Service Fabric and Docker with Service Fabric and Kubernetes.

OSS-based DevOps - All Roads lead to Azure, Part II: Infrastructure as Code with Terraform

In this second part, we show you how to provision Azure resources using Hashicorp’s Terraform tool.

Build applications in Microsoft Azure to deploy to any Azure Stack cloud

Learn how to build and manage applications across Azure and Azure Stack. Take a look at the tools available and the DevOps processes you can implement.

Confidence at speed: Visual Studio 2017 and your CI pipeline

Visual Studio 2017 can help you and your team drive productivity in today’s world of agile development and team collaboration. We walk you through configuring a repository and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). Leverage new Visual Studio 2017 features that help improve developers’ productivity and discover quality issues before they hit your CI builds. Experience how new Visual Studio 2017 features will help you configure CI/CD for Docker, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core projects targeting different Azure hosts; track your CI build status without leaving the IDE; and see and fix code quality issues before committing your code changes or creating a PR.

Visual Studio Mobile Center: Ship mobile apps faster

See how Mobile Center simplifies mobile development, bringing together all the cloud and mobile lifecycle services you need to deliver better apps in less time. We walk through the product—the next generation of Xamarin Test Cloud, HockeyApp, and Azure Mobile Engagement—showing you how to automatically build, test, distribute, and monitor apps and add backend cloud services to scale to millions of users. Across any mobile platform, now including UWP. During this session, learn how to automate your entire mobile development pipeline, from continuous build to continuous deployment. Learn to automatically test your apps on real devices and kick off tests with each code commit. Find out how to distribute to beta testers for early feedback and QA; and integrate crashes and user behavior analytics to see real users' production experiences. Learn how you can easily add push notifications and other cloud services.

The future of Visual Studio

Even though we only just released Visual Studio 2017 a couple of months ago, the team has been busy. In this session we take you on a rollercoaster ride through a number of features we’re working on. We show you investments we’re making to increase development productivity, how we’re bringing testing and code analysis even more deeply into the development “inner loop”, and highlight new areas that we’re working on to extend Visual Studio to new platforms and application categories. Expect a demo-heavy, so-new-the-paint-hasn’t-dried session!

Azure Service Fabric, microservices, containers, and the road ahead

Service Fabric is the Microsoft Azure microservices platform. This session is a developer’s tour and roadmap and dives into the latest Service Fabric capabilities, including containerized services, container orchestration including using Docker Compose, ASP.NET Core service support, integration with other Azure services and the latest developments in Visual Studio 2017 tooling, all sprinkled with customers scenarios.

Modernize WinForms and WPF apps with maximum code reuse, cross-platform reach, and…

Windows 10 provides developer features and services that can yield high-quality and engaging apps that delight users across platforms. At the same time, developers have existing investments in technology and skills that they shouldn't have to abandon in order to move forward. In this session, we explore these new features and capabilities from the perspective of WinForms and WPF .NET developers with an emphasis on being able to move forward incrementally from your existing investments as you see value. Discover the flexibility to enrich your existing apps with Windows 10 features, extend to new platforms with Xamarin, and modernize your DevOps software lifecycle with Mobile Center.

Accelerate setting up your DevOps environment using Azure Marketplace

Lean how you can set up Chef, Jenkins, and other popular dev tools on Microsoft Azure using the Azure Marketplace. We also walk you through exciting new features such as Test Drive, an easy way to try out Marketplace products and introduce Quick Start templates as a way to stand up full dev stacks.   

Application Insights for developers: Integrating with your DevOps workflows

See the latest innovations in the developer experience for Application Insights. These integrations range from great new capabilities in Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, to integrations with Visual Studio Team Services, and GitHub to improve a complete application lifecycle management story; to a data access REST API which enables you to build your own solutions on top of your Application Insights data.

Building and distributing solutions built on Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, and CDS

Join this session to learn how easy it is to build rich applications with PowerApps without writing code, quickly automate workflows with Microsoft Flow, and learn how to leverage the Common Data Service to unite your organization’s information from across Microsoft Dynamics, Office, and beyond in a common model and easy extensibility point. No slides for this session, instead we’ll walk through building an end-to-end solution with PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and the Common Data Service.

Using Visual Studio for Machine Learning

Whether it is building a model for online product recommendation, or developing a project using Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with R, where you need to develop both the models, and the stored procedure, Visual Studio enables both developers and data scientists to work together to build your next generation intelligent apps and services. All the tooling you need to analyze, build models, and create smart apps, including: Python Tools for Visual Studio and R Tools for Visual Studio. Join us in this this session, as we show you how Visual Studio can be used to do data science, and help you create the next intelligent application!

Visual Studio for Mac and Xamarin Live Player

In this Channel 9 Live session find out the latest Build 2017 updates from Miguel de Icaza, Joseph Hill, James Montemagno, and Mikayla Hutchinson

Visual Studio Q&A

In this Q&A session around Visual Studio on Channel 9 Live, we're joined by Tim Sneath, Amanda Silver, and Saqib Shaikh

Visual Studio Mobile Center

Find out the latest updates around the Visual Studio Mobile Center in this Channel 9 Live session with Keith Ballinger, Thomas Dohmke, and Ryan J. Salva

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