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Adam Pedley recently blogged about how you can get started building HoloLens UrhoSharp applications. The post takes you from zero to app...

Some of the other times we've highlighted UrhoSharp;

HoloLens with Xamarin UrhoSharp

HoloLens is a Mixed Reality headset, that combines a real world view, with virtual objects. When developing for HoloLens, most will use Unity3D with the HoloLens SDK. Unity is a commercial product, and not free for commercial use. However, another option is to use UrhoSharp, a Xamarin lead port, of the open source software Urho, to .NET.


Even if you don’t have a spare pile of cash lying around, to purchase a headset, there is a HoloLens emulator, that can easily get you started. If you need the emulator, check out Install The Tools, to install it and ensure you download all prerequisites.

After this, you can create your first HoloLens UrhoSharp project, by using the default template provided. Search online templates for HoloLens, and create a new project.



Device Portal

Before we delve into code, it’s worth noting of the Device Portal. Press the Open Device Portal button on the emulator.


HoloLens Application

In this simple example, you have the Moon and the Earth. Two spheres, with one rotating around the other. In my Introduction to UrhoSharp, and UrhoSharp 3D Moving Object, I go into details on creating a basic object.


Learn More

This was a very basic look at getting started with HoloLens with UrhoSharp. Please look at the HoloLens UrhoSharp Samples, that include a dancing Mutant, Crowd Navigation and interacting with Cognitive Services, to start delving deeper.

Project Information URL: https://xamarinhelp.com/hololens-xamarin-urhosharp/

Project Source URL: https://github.com/xamarin/urho-samples/tree/master/HoloLens

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