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In this episode, chapter lead Jacob is joined by Erik Petersen who is a Microsoft Software Engineer that is also a pilot that is deeply active in the aerospace community.  We talk about rules and things you need to know before you fly and places you can go to help you get that information.    

The Facebook group Erik helps admin to help folks with Part 107 or 333 exemptions (the pinned doc is a goldmine):


PNW Drone Squad Group:


Where to fly (FAA):


Deleting your registration and applying for a $5 refund:


Where to find notices, e.g. GPS interference testing:


Washington State Parks and drones:




Various city ordinances:


Online charts and plotting:


Complete guide to the Taylor v Faa lawsuit and ruling:


My favorite online instructor (and all around nice guy), Jason Schappert. You might know him from Flying Wild Alaska, he was Arial's instructor. Here is his part 107 course:



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