Interview with Aaron Bjork (Consistency)

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In this interview, Principal DevOps Manager Donovan Brown interviews Principal Group Program Manager Aaron Bjork about UI and Architectural consistency across 50 feature teams and Feature Flags.

[00:40] How many feature teams do we have
[01:05] UI Consistency
[03:12] Nominated Owners
[04:10] Central Design Team
[05:25] Do UI changes require approval
[06:14] Just do the right thing
[07:47] Sharing people on Scrum teams
[09:35] Flighting features
[14:27] Architecture Consistency
[16:44] Verticals
[18:00] Aligned Autonomy
[18:50] Feature Flags!
[22:53] At what layer do I apply the flag
[25:25] Agile Transformation


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