Xbox Play Anywhere Title Little Triangle Arrives February 7, Available to Pre-order Today

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Finally, after more than two years of hard work, it’s with great excitement and nervousness that we’re glad to announce that Little Triangle, a game from Shanghai, will officially be released as an Xbox Play Anywhere game on February 7 — and you can pre-order it today!

Little Triangle is a polished, fun to play platformer that also features a mini Battle Royale mode. The game offers more than 60 cute and funny triangle skins, countless NPCs, a bunch of bosses, and amusing level designs with tons of detail. This game is extremely easy to pick up and the fun starts as soon as you start playing. It aims to be one of the most exciting and hilarious party games while retaining a fun solo mode.

Little Triangle Screenshot

“Is the game fun to play”? We’ve been asking players this very question for the past 18 months when only solo mode was available in our early test versions. Most of the time, the answer is “Yes, it’s really fun.” However, we were not satisfied. Instead, we took another 18 months to further polish the game with the aim of making it more fun to play. With tons of details improved and adding an exciting multiplayer mode, we recently did a bunch of offline tests for the second time.

It turned out that players just could not stop playing and they were laughing all the time. Even before asking their feedbacks, exciting players already started urging us to release the game not ASAP but immediately so that they can play with friends and families. At that very moment, we, for the first time, truly realized that it was time for the whole world to meet Little Triangle.

Little Triangle Screenshot

In our workshop based in Shanghai, we have dedicated countless efforts to this game since September 2015. In the history of console games, it’s hard to believe that not a single popular 2D platformer or outstanding party game comes from China. The cause of this strange phenomenon is not hard to explain. Most console games are banned in China, until 2014 when China’s economy experienced an unprecedented boom. And in the 1990s, even though no prohibition was implemented, and all children would want a video game console, it wasn’t something affordable for an average family.

Our generation still remembers the days when we are so eager to embrace the world of games that we were willing to queue up in some wealthy friend’s place just to enjoy a little fun and happiness. Therefore, after we learned that with ID@Xbox program it is possible to develop games for all Xbox players around the world, the long-lost passion and excitement immediately came up and we can say with great certainty that they were carried throughout the whole development to make our dream come true.

Little Triangle Screenshot

Rather than aiming to be a hardcore and difficult game, Little Triangle is designed for all players to have. During early tests in China, many players told us that since there were much more games to choose from than decades ago, they might not have enough time to clear all levels, even though checkpoints in each level are well set. Therefore, we added a casual mode with everything the same but additional health points in which the challenges and fun remain unchanged, yet the difficulty is greatly lowered. And one more thing, we make all the achievements available in the casual mode as well. After finishing all existing levels, we decided not to add more levels but to polish each one of them to keep an overall high standard. We sometimes joked that the levels we discarded can already be assembled to an OK game.

Little Triangle is also simply perfect for parties since we modified all levels to accommodate up to 4 players to play together. Later in development, we went a step further to add mini Battle Royale mode into the game which really took the whole gaming experience to the next level. We literally transformed the platformer into a fighting game. In this mode, you can find health bars, combos and many different weapons in the field. Players can invite their friends to enjoy a heated Battle Royale mode and the sweetest part is that everyone can pick up the gameplay so easily and have fun immediately. Furthermore, unlike those realistic Battle Royale games, Little Triangle is much better suited for friends and families to be played offline.

Little Triangle Screenshot

It has been about 28 months since we started to build this amazing world and even today, we still cannot believe we could make this far and create something with so much fun. We really hope you enjoy playing Little Triangle.

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