Learning the Basics in Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition for Xbox One

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The countdown is over and Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition has arrived on Xbox One! This new version of Kerbal Space Program was built from the ground up with the help of the talented and experienced team at BlitWorks and includes a bunch of enhancements to the overall KSP experience on Xbox One. We have boosted performance, improved UI, and added three completely reworked controller presets designed specifically for consoles and optimized to be played on your Xbox One controller. We’ve also added features and content previously unavailable for KSP players on Xbox One.

Rocket science seems overwhelming and difficult, but with Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition our goal is to prove that it can be accessible and fun, all while simulating some of the complexities of building and launching a spacecraft with realistic physics and orbital mechanics – all of which can be experienced from the comfort of your couch on your Xbox One!

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We want to help you out with a few simple yet useful tips to ensure the success of your space program, and to make sure you’re equipped to build a space-worthy craft capable of flying its crew out into space (while keeping them unharmed, of course). So here are nine things to keep in mind as you get started in KSP on Xbox One!

  1. Tutorials are your friend! Here you’ll learn the basic tools you have at your disposal for craft-building, as well as detailed instructions for flying, and even a guideline to perform a successful visit to the Mun. Although some of the tutorials target more advanced players, the first ones should help you get off the ground.
  2. Learn the ropes in Career Mode. Most players go straight into Sandbox Mode when they start playing KSP (I know I did), but playing Career Mode is actually the best way to learn the game. The progressive nature of this mode will familiarize you with the extensive amount of parts available as well as the different aspects of the game.
  3. KSPedia holds the knowledge! Open KSPedia early and scan through it to get familiar with the contents. There really is a whole lot of very helpful stuff in there.
  4. Learn the basics. Take some time to learn the building tools and camera controls as these are a crucial part to imaginative, successful, and gratifying craft building.
  5. It’s rocket science after all, so be patient! KSP can be a difficult game, and you will fail sometimes. Do not get discouraged by this, since this will also make your successes way more gratifying. Failure is part of the experience and it is the best way to improve and learn. Oh, and don’t feel too bad if something terrible happens to one of your Kerbals. They always come back with a big smile.
  6. Don’t be afraid to look for help. Almost everyone needs additional help and will have specific questions. We have a great online forum where answers are abundant, and there are many tutorials out in the web that will most certainly be of great help whenever you get stuck or need some tips.

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  1. Make sure your spacecraft are aerodynamic and stable. Any longtime player will admit to spending many hours trying to make rockets fly straight and not flip ends. A tip for you in almost any situation: stability comes from having a lot of drag at the back end of a craft, and very little drag at the front end. Additionally, having the center of lift behind the center of mass in your space-planes is a reliable rule of thumb for stability in this sort of crafts. Keep that in mind, and you will go far.
  2. Learn the jargon. There’s a lot technical vocabulary within the game, and you will get familiarized with it, but sometimes making the effort to pick up the meanings can help you understand any advice you get.
  3. Be creative and above all, have fun! Build whatever you want, and however you want it. The building tools at your disposal will allow you to create anything from rockets, space stations, rovers, or pretty much anything else you can imagine.

And if any veteran Xbox One KSP players are reading this, you’ll be happy to know that Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition is free for anyone who owns the previous version of the game on Xbox One. So whether you’re looking to send your first Kerbal into orbit or you’ve already landed on Duna, put on your helmets and get ready to explore the vastness of space on Xbox One!

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