How to deselect cells from selected ranges in Excel

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We are excited to announce that Excel now lets you deselect cells or a range from your current selection. This was one of the top request we got from our community and we are happy to announce we have rolled it out for PC and Mac subscription users of Office 365.  


How to unselect a cell from a selection

To unselect a selected cell hold down the CTRL (or Command on mac) key and click on the cells you want to deselect. To unselect a range of selected cells hold down the CTRL (or Command for Mac) key and drag the range you want to deselect, starting from within a selected range.


Smile3.gifDeselect a selected cell in Excel

How to multi select cells or ranges

This has not changed, you can still use the CTRL (or Command on Mac) key to click on an unselected cell to select it. To select an additional range simple use the CTRL (or Command on mac), starting on a unselected cells and drag the mouse to select the range.


select.gifSelect multiple cells or ranges in Excel


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