What’s This? Learn More About Pseudo-Loc in Preview

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Hello, Xbox Insiders! If you’ve been a member of the Xbox One System Update Preview for a month or three years, you may be wondering “What’s with the funny text I sometimes see in places?” Well, have I got some news for you folks: you aren’t alone. One of the more commonly reported issues from users we receive during a Preview update is related to this very issue. Why is this text funny you may ask? I’m glad you did, and I’ll be happy to elaborate on what it is you are seeing.

You see, while we are in Preview the update isn’t actually “ready” to go out to everyone in the Xbox One community, and that means that a lot of what you are seeing isn’t quite finished. From features we let you try out, all the way down to the text you read on the console itself that looks like this:

Pseudo Loc

What you’re looking at is what is commonly known as “pseudo-loc” or text that has yet to be localized for the specific language/region you have your console set to display. The closer we get to a particular update being released to the public, the less of this you should see, but we definitely need your help whenever you encounter this type of text in order to ensure it gets localized for your language/region.

For those of you that report this already, thanks so much for taking the time to let us know, and for those of you asking yourself “How can I help?”  you’re in luck.  If you encounter any kind of pseudo-loc while using the console, just be sure to use the “Report a problem” feature to submit the issue directly on the console. When submitting the issue, be sure to put in your description of exactly where you are encountering the non-localized text.

We’re looking forward to seeing your feedback on this and appreciate all of your contributions and passion for Xbox. Thank you!


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