Windows Template Studio 1.7 released!

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We’re extremely excited to announce the Windows Template Studio 1.7! In this release, our two big items are Visual Basic support and Prism framework!  We love how the community is helping. If you’re interested, please head over to head over to WTS’s Github.

What’s new:

Full list of adjustments in the 1.7 release, WTS’s Github has a full changelog.

New Programming Language Support:

  • Visual Basic

New Framework Support:

  • Prism framework

Updated Feature:

  • URI Schema launching for Caliburn.Micro added.

Template improvements:

  • Tweaks for consistence across all frameworks and languages
  • Fix for bug where we have a toast and first time prompt crash.
  • Fix for JSON Helper (#1659)

Improvements to the Wizard:

  • Lots of under the hood bug fixes and code improvements
  • Changed how we handle verifying new templates. This process should be much faster now.

Improvements to Process and Tooling:

  • Improved unit testing for verifying templates

How to get the update:

There are two paths to update to the newest build.

  • Already installed: Visual Studio should auto update the extension. To force an update, Go to Tools->Extensions and Updates. Then go to Update expander on the left and you should see Windows Template Studio in there and click “Update.”
  • Not installed: Head to, click “download” and double click the VSIX installer.

Known issue

We are tracking an issue (#1532) when uninstalling / upgrading where you may get an error of “A value for ‘Component’ needs to be specified in the catalog.”

If you get this error, we need logs to help track this with the help of the Visual Studio team.  We don’t know how to reproduce it, but we know a few people have hit this scenario.

We have how to capture these logs in the tracking issue on GitHub.

What else is cooking for next versions?

We love all the community support and participation.  In addition, here are just a few of the things we are currently building out that will in future builds:

  • Improved user interface in-line with Visual Studio
  • Continued refinement with Fluent design in the templates
  • Work for supporting multiple projects in a single solution
  • Ink templates
  • Improved Right-click->add support for existing projects

With partnership with the community, we’ve will continue cranking out and iterating new features and functionality. We’re always looking for additional people to help out and if you’re interested, please head to our GitHub at If you have an idea or feature request, please make the request!

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