Updated Microsoft Store App Developer Agreement and Microsoft Store Policies

This post has been republished via RSS; it originally appeared at: Windows Blog.

The Microsoft Store team has updated the Microsoft Store App Developer Agreement and Microsoft Store Policies as of February 14th 

The new version (8.2) of the Microsoft Store App Developer Agreement is available here. This update is particularly relevant to developers based in New Zealand or Australia who sell apps and/or in-app products. For more info, view the change history. The next time you log in to the Dev Center dashboard, you may be prompted to accept the new agreement, depending on your account location. 

We’ve also updated the Microsoft Store Policies, which you can view here. The updated policies clarify the requirements for storing or transmitting personal information, and add a new requirement stating that apps using app-specific authentication can only be published from company accounts. For more info, view the change history.   

If you have feedback on the policies, please let us know by commenting in the Microsoft Store forum. 

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