Maria Naggaga – Interactive learning with Try .NET | On .NET

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The way that we consume information is constantly changing. More people are putting down physical books and picking up laptops or tablets. When learning to code, people are looking for more interactive experiences to really get that knowledge to sink in.

In this episode, Maria Naggaga (@LadyNaggaga) joins Rich (@RunFaster2000) to talk about the Try .NET project, which allows people to experiment with and learn .NET in the browser.

  • [00:48] - Maria and Rich talk about the various ways people are learning today
  • [03:03] - Maria demos a quick start powered by Try .NET
  • [05:58] - Maria shows Try .NET in it's raw form
  • [07:28] - Maria talks about hosting options and future features

If you're interested in learning more or want to try out Try .NET, here are some links that should be helpful to you.


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