Five Tips to Mastering Single-Player in Metal Gear Survive

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With the launch of Meal Gear Survive, you can now experience the full depth of the game’s features, mechanics, and modes.

Even if you already played co-op during Metal Gear Survive’s beta, the single-player experience brings new elements of exploration and survival accompanied by Metal Gear’s signature stealth-action gameplay. Effectively navigating through its many feature sets will only set you up for success in co-op. So, to help you get started here’s five essential tips and tricks to guide you through the Metal Gear Survive’s single-player campaign:

  • One of the biggest hurdles you’ll face early on will be managing your hunger and thirst – this is a survival game after all. Take the time to explore the environment for food and water. Food sources replenish differently, and some are more sustainable than others, so scour the lands and explore every nook and cranny of the map. This includes vantage points, climbing on structures and other hidden objects. You’ll be surprised at what you find. Which leads us to the next tip…

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  • Scavenge everything! Materials that you find will be critical to your player progression. Think you found enough wood? Think again. Tired of looking for iron? Keep searching. As you explore the map, you’ll uncover different recipes for essential tools, equipment, and weapons, and you’ll wish you had spent those extra few minutes harvesting that Kuban Energy.
  • Surviving in this hostile world will depend on how well you master basic and advanced crafting skills. Many items can be upgraded, modified and even broken down into spare resources, so get yourself familiar with crafting tables and required items in recipes. Also, your impulse may compel you to craft items immediately, but it’s not always beneficial to create right away. Consider your needs before expending resources early in the game. Additionally, from time to time, re-balance what you’re carrying with you versus what you’re storing. There’s no reason to haul unnecessary weight and let precious food spoil.

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  • Side missions, although optional, can be a game changer. They can lead to valuable resources and recipes, so don’t be afraid to leave the outpost and complete objectives outside of the main missions. Try to accept max side missions before leaving your Base Camp as you never know what you can accomplish out in the field.
  • Developing your Base Camp will offer you a range of functions and facilities – from crafting more advanced items to producing crucial weapons and supplies. Consider tearing down unused buildings for materials, or removing junk to free up space while gaining useful resources. Additionally, as the operation center, Base Camp should be properly protected from enemy assaults so don’t forget to fortify, as well as repair defenses after attacks.

Metal Gear Survive Screenshot

  • Bonus tip: After you complete the main missions, continue exploring the world and rescue more survivors to build up your crew. For an added challenge, explore the varying difficulty levels to uncover new missions.

Metal Gear Survive is a spin-off from Metal Gear Solid V that takes place in an alternative universe. Endure and navigate through this hellish new environment by engaging in both single-player and co-op to scavenge for materials while thwarting enemies. Salvaged materials must be wrought into usable items, gear, and weapons for any hope of making it home. Metal Gear Survive is now available on Xbox One. For more info, visit

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