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  1. The community! This platform has a vibrant active community of technology partners and working professionals who are passionate and interested in the technology and many of whom we interact with on a daily basis as part of the Microsoft Support experience.  You are the people we work with and serve, and we want to connect with you, get your feedback, and share with you with you the things we’ve learned.
  2. A Global Focus. SharePoint Online is a broad platform that is being used in unique, interesting, and sometimes often frustrating ways.  By giving all of our teams a voice, we not only help our community in all regions be able to take advantage of the content we’ll be producing, but also to share some of the unique challenges that people face living in a cloud first world with multiple jurisdictions and sometimes conflicting regulatory compliance.
  3. It’s More Than Tech. The support experience is often a combination of technical and emotional challenges.  Things break at the worst time, and being able to explain not only the issue, but also the process and understand just how we have come to develop these processes help us navigate the really difficult issues, especially when there are multiple stakeholders wanting it fixed last Tuesday.  We hope that in our blog you’ll get a better sense of the day to day issues, challenges, and successes our engineers face in assisting you, our customers, and enabling you to be successful in all times and in all places, from the boardroom to the coffee shop.
  4. We are interested in your feedback, and insight! Do you have something you were always curious about, or some technical issue that you never quite got a straight answer on? Please let us know what kinds of articles you’d like to see! We’re always open to hearing from our customers and providing the best possible content in a rapid, entertaining, and consumable way.  We’re looking forward to being an active, vibrant part of your community, and we are so thankful that we have this opportunity. 

    Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll no doubt see some familiar names and articles being published to the blog.  We’ve published a lot of useful, interesting content, and we don’t want to lose it, so we’ll be migrating it to the new platform so the Tech Communities can find one easily discoverable and consumable place to find our content.   

We are migrating the blogs from the following: 



We look forward to serving you! 

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