Train Sim World: Founders Edition Pulls Into the Station Today on Xbox One

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Sure, it’s fun to race cars around the track or build towering cities, but have you tried commanding thousands of tonnes of freight and human passengers at over a 100mph, rushing through beautiful countryside and busy cities? The everyday reality of rail networks is truly awe inspiring — especially the drivers and engineers who control these mechanical marvels and experience a power, speed, and excitement that few people come close to.

At Dovetail Games we’ve worked hard to bring that challenge to life with Train Sim World: Founders Edition, available now on the Xbox One. We’re proud to announce that soon you can test yourself against some of the most powerful machines ever made from the comfort of your sofa.

Train Sim World: Founders Edition Screenshot

The Founders Edition is your ticket into the Train Sim universe. We’ve recreated the iconic Great Western Railway’s High-Speed Train with incredible detail — controls, livery, and even the operation of the engine is replicated by our proprietary SimuGraph vehicle dynamics system and easily set up for your Xbox controller.

Set on the Great Western Main Line out of Paddington Station, we’ve included a complete service mode with a 24-hour timetable which lets you jump on and off trains, taking control or exploring as you see fit. The tutorial is the perfect first step for new players, building to advanced procedures that challenge the most experienced of drivers. Can you navigate complex signals, effortlessly control your speed and bring a hurtling train to rest at the perfect place and time for every stop along your route? You have to, since nobody likes it when the trains are late…

Train Sim World: Founders Edition Screenshot

Train Sim World: Founders Edition brings our train simulations to Xbox for the first time, but it’s only the first step. When the full version is released later in the year, owners of the Founders Edition will be able to upgrade their game ensuring there will always be new horizons to explore!

We love talking to our community, so while you’re waiting head on over to the hub and join our community for the latest news. We hope the Founders Edition is a welcome home for experienced simmers and an exciting first step for anyone looking to try something new!

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