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Visual Studio Code offers a great, lightweight editing experience for developers across platforms. There's a community of folks in and outside of Microsoft that working to make sure that C# developers also have a great experience there as well.

In this episode, Dustin Campbell (@dcampbell) joins Rich to talk about the C# extension for Visual Studio Code.

  • [00:45] - How do Visual Studio Code, Omnisharp and C# fit together?
  • [03:10] - How does Visual Studio Code interact with Omnisharp server?
  • [05:36] - Demo - Working with a new .NET Core project
  • [11:56] - Demo - Working to multiple projects
  • [15:31] - Demo - Running unit tests
  • [18:38] - When does support for new C# versions arrive?
  • [20:05] - Does the extension work with preview version of .NET Core?
  • [21:24] - How to install the extension?

 Take a look at the following links if you want to learn more:

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