Transform the future of business tech at Microsoft Ignite: Register on April 3

The future of business tech isn’t discovered only in C-suite strategy sessions, DevOps innovation labs, or powerful datacenters that help drive digital transformation forward. It also exists at 20 milli-Kelvin (mK) degrees, a hair above absolute zero.


That’s the temperature qubits—the building blocks of quantum computing—exist and perform at, and they hold the key for creating innovative solutions to both emerging and centuries-old problems.


This year, be prepared to explore quantum computing, AI, and mixed reality to create the future of business with, because it’s almost time to register for. At Microsoft Ignite 2018—taking place September 24–28 in Orlando, Florida—technologists will take a quantum leap forward to harness the momentum around these concepts. With registration opening on April 3, here are some of the top trends to keep an eye on as we head toward September:


Tackling unsolvable problems with quantum computing


We believe one of the most important advances is to create a topological qubit for 10,000-fold output, better performance, and easier error correction than conventional qubits. Microsoft is developing a quantum computer, unique cryogenic control plane, and software stack for programming that others can harness for problem-solving.


Technologists can use the Microsoft Quantum Developers Toolkit, which includes a fully integrated quantum-focused programming language (Q#), local and Azure quantum simulators, and rich libraries and samples to design their own solutions. You, too, can tackle previously unsolvable problems at Microsoft Ignite.


Increasing understanding with AI-assisted language translation


AI is gaining steam in the market. One compelling advance is the use of AI with neural network-based models to provide more fluent, human-sounding translations for myriad languages. When paired with additional data, a type of AI called long short-term memory for speech recognition can increase the quality of translations significantly. Learn more at Microsoft Ignite.


Exploring superpowers with mixed reality 

At Microsoft Ignite, we’ll explore how mixed reality is redefining how work gets done. Across a diverse array of industries—manufacturing, architecture and engineering, healthcare, defense, retail, and education—mixed reality is making the impossible real, blending physical and digital worlds. Join us at Microsoft Ignite in Orlando to learn more.


We’re breaking boundaries between how people create, work, and play. Sign up for event updates to get an exclusive look at what’s next in enterprise technology and transform the future, and get ready to register on April 3.


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