Experience the Off-road Extreme Driving of Gravel on Xbox One

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Fun should never be too far away: fire up your Xbox One, grab the pad, and jump in the fast-paced off-road racing world. This is the mantra we kept in mind while developing Gravel. The game is, in fact, an homage to the great arcade legends of the past, but it also has its own character and personality, especially when it comes to the task you will be facing as a newcomer in the off-road world

Gravel Screenshot

The game revolves around an innovative concept: the Gravel Channel. You are a participant of Off-Road Masters, the TV show that will accompany you on your way to fame and glory. Compete against the winners of the previous editions, defeat them in each category, and be crowned as the new Off-Road Master.

We had a lot of fun designing the single-player mode, and especially writing the Offroad Masters – a bunch of somewhat irritating, spoiled and pretentious champions. That’s why we plan to keep supporting the single player career with a lot of future contents: each DLC, be it a brand new car or a whole new environment to race in, will expand the TV show giving you a lot more occasions to face your not-so-beloved – if not plainly irritating – antagonists.

Gravel Screenshot

There’s another feature we’re particularly proud of: our selection of cars. Right from the announcement the gaming community has shown a lot of curiosity on the car selection. We purposely decided, in fact, not to go down the “trendy and cool” alley of notorious and inflated racing brands. In Gravel you’ll have the chance to ride a wide variety of cars rarely seen in videogames. From heavy SUVs like the Hummer H3, to light and agile legends of rally motorsport like Lancia Delta, to our latest entry, the free downloadable Bowler Bulldog.

Gravel Screenshot

On your path to the Off-Road Master title you’ll embark in a real journey around the world, run swiftly within the rocky sands of Australia, but be careful not to fall in the steep lateral cliff; cross the arctic tundra of Alaska, but watch out for the extreme weather conditions that will affect the drivability of your car; explore the Pacific Island shore in the sunset, not for a romantic honeymoon however, but in a fast-paced and car packed run toward the victory. And this is just a glimpse of what the game has to offer.

Gravel is available now on Xbox One, along with its free demo. Will you be the one to steal the show?

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