Your favorite email folders and groups now in Outlook for iOS

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With favorite folders or Office 365 Groups, Outlook for iOS helps keep what’s most important to you close at hand.


Now you can add, remove and reorder favorites right from your mobile device.  And whether you manage your favorites groups and folders from Outlook for iOS, Outlook for Windows on your PC -- or even tag a folder as a favorite in Outlook on the Web -- we sync your favorite items across your most used Outlook experiences 


Expect to see this update was we roll it out in Outlook for iOS in the coming weeks.  


Users love the in-app Help and Feedback so we encourage you to learn more directly from the app if you’re on the go but here are just a few questions you might want to read now about this new favorite feature.




Q: Which Outlook items can I add to my favorites?        

A: You can now add a folder and an Office 365 Group to your Outlook favorites. Favorite contacts will be coming soon!


Q: How do I add a folder to my favorites?          

A: A folder can be added to your Outlook favorites by simply tapping the edit icon in your sidebar, and then tapping the star right next to the folder you want to add to your favorites list. The star then becomes filled indicating that the favorite has been added.


To remove a favorite from the list, tap the filled star next to the folder name or group and it will be removed from the list.


Tap the done (check icon) to exit edit mode.


Q: How do I add a group to my favorites?          

A: To add an Office 365 Group to your favorites in Outlook for iOS, navigate to an email within the group, or search for the group name in the search tab. You can then tap the name or picture of the group to reveal the group card. Tap the star on the top right to add this to your favorite.


To remove, just tap the star again, or manage it from the edit menu in your side bar.


Q: How do I add a contact to my favorites?       

A: Favorite contacts are not currently supported on Outlook for iOS , but should be coming soon!


Q: How can I reorder my favorites list? 

A: Tap the edit icon on the top of the sidebar, press and hold the three lines to the right of the item you want to reorder, and drag in the list for your desired order.  


Q: I added a favorite in Outlook for Windows, when will it sync with my Outlook mobile app?    

A: Instantly! If you do not see your favorites syncing, please close Outlook for iOS and then reopen it.


Q: How do I move an email from my Inbox to one of my favorite folders?

A: To move an email from your inbox or any other folder to a favorite folder, long tap on that email to reveal the move option. Tap on Move button and select the favorite folder, which are displayed on the top of the list.        


Q: My folders are in a new order! What happened?      

A: With the addition of favorite folders and groups to Outlook for iOS, you might notice that your folders are in a new order. If you have favorites, you’ll see a favorites section at the top of your sidebar.


You can add favorites through the pencil icon near the top of your sidebar. This will keep all your most important folders, groups at the top where you can easily access them.        


Q: It seems like a folder disappeared from my folder list! What happened?

A: If this folder was marked as a favorite in a different Outlook experience, it should appear at the top of your folder list in your new favorites section.                            

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