Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Assessment Kit

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Windows Analytics delivers powerful insights for customers deploying and managing Modern Windows and Office (Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus). For partners helping customers with this journey the Microsoft 365 Partner Marketing Group has developed the Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Assessment Kit.


The goals of the assessment kit are to leverage the core components of Windows Analytics to provide partners guidance in a number of areas including the following:

  • How to engage your customer on Modern Windows and Office
  • How to educate your customer on deploying Modern Windows and Office and staying up to date
  • How to assess the customer’s environment to help drive the need to move to Modern Windows and Office
  • Incorporating Windows Analytics as part of the discovery phase of a design and deployment opportunity
  • How to leverage Windows Analytics as part of positioning a managed service

goals.pngCustomer benefitsSpecifically, the assessment kit leverages Upgrade Readiness and Update Compliance, in Windows Analytics, to help partners engage customers as they consider how to begin deploying Windows 10 and Office ProPlus and then stay current.


Both components of Windows Analytics are important tools in helping ensure a smooth and successful migration. Upgrade Readiness helps customers move to Windows 10 and stay current by providing:

  • Detailed inventory about Applications, Drivers, Office Plugins and IE based web apps
  • A guided workflow to take you from pilot to deployment
  • Tools to make data driven decisions about your application portfolio
  • Guidance and insights into your organization’s upgrade readiness.

While Update Compliance keep Windows 10 devices in your organization secure and up-to-date by providing:

  • Information on the installation status of both monthly quality updates and new feature updates
  • Information on the deployment progress of existing updates with a preview of which updates are scheduled to be deployed next
  • Per-device information that may need attention to resolve issues

The assessment kit consists of the following five pieces of collateral:

  • Overview & Timelines Delivery Guide
  • Assessment Goals and Introduction Deck
  • Introduction to Windows Analytics Deck
  • Partner Delivery Guide
  • Findings and Recommendations Deck

A recorded webinar, which discusses the assessment kit, is available for download here. The Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Assessment kit is available for download here.

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