New release: SharePointDsc v2.3 has been published!

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Hello all,
Version 2.3 of SharePointDsc has been created this morning. Over the last weeks we've implemented many bugfixes and improvements to the module. This release will be part of the DSC Resource Kit which will be released later today (June 13th 2018).

This release contains a documentation update. We added categories to the resources, which divides all resources into four categories: Common, Specific, Distributed and Utility. More information about these categories can be found in our Wiki.


We are working on adding SharePoint 2019 support in the background and are planning to have that available shortly after the release of the Public Beta. Since all details about SharePoint 2019 are still under NDA, unfortunately this is all we can share at the moment.
Improvement/Fixes in v2.3

  • Changes to SharePointDsc
    • Added a Branches section to the with Codecov and build badges for both master and dev branch.
  • All Resources
    • Added information about the Resource Type in each files.
  • SPFarm
    • Fixed issue where the resource throws an exception if the farm already exists and the server has been joined using the FQDN
  • SPTimerJobState
    • Fixed issue where the Set method for timerjobs deployed to multiple web applications failed.
  • SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuerProviderRealms
    • Added the resource.
  • SPUserProfileServiceApp
    • Now supported specifying the host Managed path, and properly sets the host.
    • Changed error for running with Farm Account into being a warning
  • SPUserProfileSyncConnection
    • Added support for filtering disabled users
    • Fixed issue where UseSSL was set to true resulted in an error
    • Fixed issue where the connection was recreated when the name contained a dot (SP2016)

A huge thanks to the following guys for contributing to this project:
Nik Charlebois, Johan Ljunggren, Christoph Vollmann and Andi Krueger
 Let us know in the comments what you think of this new release!

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