Welcome to the End: Banner Saga 3 is Now Available on Xbox One

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From humble indie Kickstarter beginnings to becoming an award-winning tactical RPG, we are proud and excited to bring you the third and final chapter in our story-driven Viking trilogy, Banner Saga 3.  What started out as a passion project for us here at Stoic has become a reality, and we were only able to do it with the support of our fans and the talent of so many different individuals and creative groups who joined this journey with us.

Who knew at the beginning, when we were just three game developers gathered in a run-down farmers market that a spark of an idea for a video game would get enough financial support from fans to help us actually make it to the end! When we started our Kickstarter campaign we certainly were not certain that we’d get enough support and backing to realize our goal of doing the full planned trilogy.

Banner Saga 3 Screenshot

Who knew that we’d win the dedication of one of the most talented composers in the gaming industry, Austin Wintory? He, along with music talent Taylor Davis (violinist), Malukah (vocalist, musician), and Peter Hollens (vocalist) has stood by us and worked on each of the original scores for Banner Saga 1, 2 and now 3?

And so our indie dream came true.

Banner Saga 3 Screenshot

Now in the third and final installment of our trilogy, Banner Saga 3 brings your journey full circle and we hope that we’ve delivered on our promise of a refined, beautiful, and haunting journey that weaves in and out of the lives of many memorable characters that you will grow to love and care about – sometimes losing them, tragically, depending on the choices you make.

For those of you who haven’t taken the leap into the Banner Saga world, we invite you to do so now. You can play from the very beginning to the climactic end now that the complete trilogy is available. We liken this to binging on a good TV series after the season is done and watchable in one block of time – a series with an epic story, of love, loss, romance, monsters, tragedy, desperation, and terrible twists and turns.

Welcome to the end!


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