New release: SharePointDsc v2.5 has been released!

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Yesterday version 2.5 of SharePointDsc has been released to the PowerShell Gallery. Over the last weeks we've implemented many bugfixes and improvements to the module. One new resource has been added, SPSiteUrl, which is able to configure the site url for host named site collections. This release is part of the DSC Resource Kit which was released on September 5th 2018.
If you are interested in using SharePointDsc with SharePoint 2019, please use the code in the v3.0-development branch.
Improvement/Fixes in v2.5:
  • SPAppCatalog
    • Updated resource to retrieve the Farm account instead of requiring it to be specifically used
  • SPDatabaseAAG
    • Updated to specify that this resource also updates the database connection string
  • SPDiagnosticsProvider
    • Fixed issue where enabling providers did not work
  • SPFarm
    • Added ability to check and update CentralAdministrationPort
  • SPLogLevel
    • Added High as TraceLevel, which was not included yet
  • SPRemoteFarmTrust
    • Updated file to add a link that was lost during earlier updates
  • SPSearchServiceApp
    • Updated Set method to check if service application pool exists. Resource will throw an error if it does not exist
  • SPSearchTopology
    • Fixed issue where Get method threw an error when the specified service application didn’t exist yet
    • Fixed issue where the resource would fail is the FQDN was specified
  • SPShellAdmins
    • Added ExcludeDatabases parameter for AllDatabases
  • SPSite
    • Added ability to check and update QuotaTemplate, OwnerAlias and SecondaryOwnerAlias
  • SPSiteUrl
    • New resource to manage site collection urls for host named site collections
  • SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuerProviderRealm
    • Fixed issue where Get method threw an error when the realm didn’t exist yet
  • SPUserProfileServiceApp
    • Fix for issue where an update conflict error was thrown when new service application was created
    • Added SiteNamingConflictResolution parameter to the resource
A huge thanks to the following guys for contributing to this project:
Nik Charlebois, Johan Ljunggren and Nick Reilingh
For more information about how to install SharePointDsc, check our
Let us know in the comments what you think of this new release!

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