Out of the Shadows Comes the Ninja Class in TERA on Xbox One

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Starting today, TERAs action combat gets even deadlier with the introduction of an exciting new playable character class on Xbox One: the ninja.

The ninja is a quick, mobile damage-dealer with a mystical connection to divine fire. Ninjas chop, stab, and slice their way through enemies, and can dodge through enemy attacks with ease.

TERA Ninja Screenshot

Every hit of the ninja’s punishing seven-hit basic attack combo also decreases the cooldowns of your main skill combo of Decoy Jutsu, Double Cut, and Skyfall—all of which chain off the same button!

But what really sets the ninja apart is her ability to focus her Chi into some spectacular fire-based skills. Burning Heart shoots a steady stream of fireballs at your enemies, and Fire Avalanche executes a powerful diving attack that can knock an enemy flat on its back. And with enough Chi, you can attack up to three times with Fire Avalanche before it goes on cooldown.

TERA Ninja Screenshot

The ninja is also a fantastic team player, whether she’s up front dealing damage to everyone in sight, or leading enemies into traps set by the back line. Once you hit level 20, use your glyph points to maximize skill cooldowns and the chance to crit—you don’t ever want to be caught flat-footed in combat, and your allies are depending on you to have their back(stab)s!

The ninja class is available starting today as part of a free update for TERA on Xbox One! Log in to TERA before October 8 and you’ll even receive a free additional character slot that you can use to create a ninja or any one of TERA’s action-packed character classes!

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