Experience tech’s biggest conference for yourself

Connecting with tech professionals. Getting your hands on the latest tech. Posing questions to the experts who build the tools you use every day. Nothing compares to experiencing Microsoft Ignite in person—but even if you couldn’t make it this year, you can still benefit from all of the excitement, learnings, and inspiration. And of course those of you who were fortunate enough to attend couldn’t possibly have done and seen it all. Here’s your chance to see the sessions you missed that everyone else is talking about.


MyIgnite: your home for Microsoft Ignite on-demand
Some of the highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2018 are available to everyone, including the opening Vision and Technology Keynotes. But if you want to explore nearly all the content from the live event, you need to check out MyIgnite. This is where the keynotes, sessions, slide presentations, and more are all available on demand. You can sign into MyIgnite using one of several login options:

  • Your Microsoft Ignite account (for those who attended the live event)

  • Your Microsoft Tech Community account (if you haven’t joined the Microsoft Tech Community yet, you can register through the MyIgnite sign-in dialog box)

  • Your LinkedIn account

After you register and sign in, you’ll have access to everything Microsoft Ignite 2018 had to offer—and continues to offer. Not sure where to start? Here are a few of this year’s most-talked-about sessions:

Get ready for Microsoft Ignite 2019
There’s no other event like it! Each year Microsoft Ignite gets bigger, better, and more relevant to the careers of those of us who work in and with tech—and each year it sells out earlier. Now is the perfect time to pre-register, secure your spot, and begin planning for Microsoft Ignite 2019.

And while you wait for next year’s big show, take a look at Microsoft Ignite | The Tour, a global series of two-day tech events bringing Microsoft experts to a city near you.



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