THR2063 – Learn about Modern Project Management with Planner, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams

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Theater sessions at Microsoft Ignite last just 20 minutes, but in this theater session, Karuana Gatimu managed to say so many great things on Microsoft Teams and how the integration between this service with Planner and SharePoint Online can bring the users greater productivity.

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Microsoft Teams has an impact of how people are working. It enables the team members ability to communicate differently (collaboration on document, scheduling and recording the meetings and many more assets). It helps people to get their work done from one place, so there is no need to open multiple windows or application – everything is simple and you have everything on one place. The wonderful thing is that everything is customizable and suits all different users’ needs. From the point of security, Microsoft Teams is built on top of Office 365, so it has the same security features as Office 365 - it is secured on the same way as Office 365.




Modernizing the core scenarios

There are a couple of core scenarios, but it this session Karuana led us through the Project Management, because every one of us, no matter in which department or what kind of company/institution we work, we always have tasks, we always have projects which need to be accomplished, we always collaborate with other people.

People spend so much time searching some document, or they send emails with large attachments and at the end they lose time to find the necessary information because they forget where it is stored. There is no need for sending files via email, there are Microsoft cloud storages as OneDrive and SharePoint Online, and they can really bring great benefits to the teams.

The following slide shows the great things you can do when you move into Microsoft Teams. You do not need to do it all at once, it can be done in stages. But, at the end all of the users should definitely move every task and project into Teams. This hub enables team members to be updated with every information and conversation. It is great place for onboarding (it eliminates the need to resend a lot of information to new team members via email). It enables collaboration on a document (because the docs are stored in SharePoint Online), creating forms, working and collaborating on a project and managing tasks with Microsoft Planner.


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There are 3 versions of Teams: desktop version, web version and mobile version with very small differences, so we can all stay connected with our teams and projects.


Karuana advices to every organization to have Teamwork Champion Program. When you create a team you got general channel where you can talk for general topics, a file tab to store the document and WiKi which can be used for many purposes (example: storing some reference info for everyone in the team). This is great especially for new team members.

Another great thing is that there is capability in Teams to import SharePoint Online team site. With this capability when you use the SharePoint Online team site attached to your Team then your team members will get information plus. You can customize it the way you need (for an example attach calendar for project meetings as a web part). You can also create a news article or status reports (customizable with all of the columns, pictures and information you want to show as PowerPoint presentation). Now, this is great for people who do not use SharePoint Online: there is SharePoint Online News connector, so every time there is a change into the site which is connected to the team, a team in Microsoft Teams will get an update information into the channel where the connector was added.


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Another cool feature is creating a meeting into a channel. If your team is growing and you are adding people into your team, you do not have to worry that they have information about the meeting. Every one which is a part of your Team in Microsoft Teams will get invitation and can join the meeting or view the recording.

Next thing that is very useful for team work is the connection between Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner. There are many places where you can create and store tasks, but when they are connected with your center of communication and collaboration-Microsoft Teams, it is win-win combination. Creating projects, plans and assigning tasks to the team members in Microsoft Planner is fantastic with Microsoft Planner. And the capability to implement that plan with your Team, into your channel, will boost the team productivity in the process of collaboration.

All the items Karuana teaches during the session are available to Custom Learning for Office 365 site.  


If you want access for more information on Office 365 and scenarios, Karuana strongly advices you to sign up and access all the benefits and trainings for Office 365 Champions Program:karuana1.jpg

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Speaker: Karuana Gatimu

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