MSIX Packaging Tool Released to the Microsoft Store

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We are happy to announce that the official release of the MSIX Packaging Tool is now available from the Microsoft Store.  MSIX Packaging Tool enables you to update your existing win32 application packages to the MSIX format. You can run your desktop installers through this tool and obtain an MSIX package that you can install on your devices and upload to the Microsoft Store.



  • Windows 10 1809 or later
  • Participation in the Windows Insider Program (only required if using a Windows Insider Build)
  • A valid Microsoft account (MSA) alias to access the app from the Store
  • Administrator privileges on your PC account

Getting Started:

To install MSIX Packaging Tool from Microsoft Store, go here, making sure you are logged in with the MSA. Next, go to the product description page and click the Install icon to begin the installation.  For Microsoft Store for Business users, the app is also available for offline download.



Help on usage or known issues at:


Send us your feedback:

Launch the MSIX Packaging Tool and select the Settings (gear) icon, then select Feedback. You will be redirected to Feedback Hub where you can file feedback for suggestions or problems and see other feedback items and upvote as necessary.  


Feel free to use the Tech Community space for any other discussions.




John Vintzel

Program Manager Lead, MSIX


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