OneDrive Sessions from Ignite Now Available On-Demand

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1.jpgMicrosoft Ignite

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who had the opportunity to attend Ignite this year. You shared some amazing stories on how your organizations are using OneDrive.





We also want to thank our awesome customers from Wavemaker, Autodesk, Lego, Chevron and the US Department of Defense who joined us on stage this year.


For those of you who were unable to attend, we look forward to seeing you at the European SharePoint Conference in November or at one cities on Microsoft Ignite | The Tour starting in December and continuing through next year.


Below is a list of OneDrive sessions from Ignite with links to the on-demand recordings.

KEY04-Transform your workplace with Microsoft 365
The workplace is transforming, and you need a solution that empowers your organization, handle employees' new expectations for technology at work, while keeping ahead of compliance and security needs.


3.pngCollaboration and Communication with M365


GS006- Modern teamwork: Transform collaboration and communications with Microsoft 365
In this session, you will see the latest advancements in Microsoft Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, and Outlook to name a few. Learn from customers who have transformed the way they do teamwork and have valuable insights to share. Most importantly, discover how you can use Microsoft 365 in your own organization to empower teams to achieve more.

BRK2133 - What’s new and coming to OneDrive

In this session, we cover the new and upcoming features as well as understand the investments we are making today and how this new functionality can affect you. In this demo filled session we will share the latest features for Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android as well as our upcoming product roadmap.

AUTO.pngPrakash Kota- CIO Autodesk

 LEGO.pngUlrik Jensen and Michael Pedersen from Lego

BRK2451 - Content Collaboration in the Modern Workplace

Modern content management and collaboration is essential to driving productivity and innovation in today’s workplace. Successful organizations are embracing this opportunity by leveraging SharePoint and OneDrive to empower people to share and work together, inform and engage employees, harness collective knowledge, and transform their business processes.


BRK3099 - Microsoft OneDrive deployment deep dive

Learn about how to plan and execute your rollout of OneDrive Files On-Demand to get your users into the "ideal state" to maximize creativity and collaboration. Come hear about new features like Known Folder Move (KFM), SharePoint team site automount, and how Silent Sync and AutoPilot can help to ensure a quick and painless deployment. 



4.pngBuilding OneDrive habits




BRK2126 - How to build OneDrive habits that will make users happier and more product...

“In this session we dig into how to go from deploying OneDrive, driving engagement for your users, creating satisfaction and productivity in your organization.”






BRK3100- What’s new in external sharing and collaboration with OneDrive and SharePoint​

OneDrive and SharePoint provide a rich set of solutions for collaborating with users both inside and outside of your organization. This session offers an in-depth look at existing and brand-new external sharing capabilities. Learn best practices for configuring external sharing and educating users on how to best leverage OneDrive and SharePoint for collaborating with others. 


5.pngDriving Adoption and Usage w/ OneDrive


BRK2131 - Driving Adoption and Usage with OneDrive: You've deployed it, but can you get folks to use it

In this session we look at end users' fear of change, the importance of a change management plan, and tips and tricks on getting end users to adopt software and use it. Hear from corporate trainers, change management professionals, and see examples from real customers of how they achieved roll-out success and usage. 
This session features guest speakers from Chevron and The US Dept. of Defense


6.pngIntelligent content services

BRK3255 - Intelligent content services in Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365: Giving your content superpowers

This session provides an overview of all the AI-based features that enable entity extraction, transcriptions, metadata categorization, and more from your content.





BRK3369 - Productive photo experiences powered by Microsoft OneDrive

In this session we deep dive into the new capabilities in the OneDrive mobile apps and service that can turn your phone’s camera into a tool for increased productivity, efficiency, and work flow management.


Microsoft Mechanics

THR2310- OneDrive Known Folder Move and recent updates


7.jpgMicrosoft Mechanics and Known Folder Move

Updates to protecting and collaborating on files whether participants reside inside or outside of your organization; and advanced file discovery with the latest intelligence infused experiences.



Join the OneDrive engineering team for a 15-minute round-trip tour of new capabilities that support your shift from Windows 7 to the Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus modern desktop with Known Folder Move.


Theater Sessions

THR3101- Behind the Scenes: What makes OneDrive and SharePoint Intelligent?

Ever wonder what "intelligence" really means? We go behind the scenes and explain what we mean by intelligence in SharePoint - with concrete framing and real-world examples.


THR4008 - Defending the cloud: A look behind the scenes on how we secure Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint

In this session, learn how our engineers use graph analytics, behavioral intrusion detection, and cloud-scale incident response to defend SharePoint Online and OneDrive.


THR2030-Microsoft OneDrive is for Admins

In this theater session, see a walkthrough of OneDrive admin experience and capabilities.


THR2031 - Microsoft OneDrive loves your Mac

In this theater session, we walk through how to deploy, manage, and use OneDrive on your Mac.


THR1035 - Microsoft OneDrive, Outlook, Teams and Office 365- Better Together

Come learn how OneDrive deeply integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Teams, File Explorer, and Yammer to get the most out of file experiences in Office 365.


THR1036 - I can do that with OneDrive? From my phone? Really? Cool!

Come and learn about the surprising ways OneDrive mobile can help you be productive anywhere.


8.jpgThe OneDrive Team

 Thanks again and we look forward to seeing all of you again next year!

-The OneDrive Team

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