New release: SharePointDsc v2.6 has been released!

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With the release of SharePoint 2019 last Monday, October 22nd 2018, we are working on testing SharePointDsc with this new version. In the meantime we are releasing a new version of SharePointDsc, version 2.6, which introduces a lot of new features and bugfixes. This release is part of the DSC Resource Kit which was released on October 24th 2018.


If you are interested in testing SharePointDsc with SharePoint 2019, please use the code in the v3.0-development branch, which we plan to formally release as soon as possible.


Improvement/Fixes in v2.6:

  • SPFarm
    • Fixed issue where Central Admin service was not starting for non-english farms
  • SPManagedMetadataServiceApp
    • Added additional content type settings (ContentTypePushdownEnabled & ContentTypeSyndicationEnabled).
    • Fixed issue where Get method would throw an error when the proxy did not exist.
    • Fixed an issue where the resource checks if the proxy exists and if not, it is created.
  • SPSearchContentSource
    • Fixed issue with numerical Content Sources name
    • Fixed issue where the code throws an error when the content source cannot be successfully created
  • SPSearchManagedProperty
    • Added a new resource to support Search Managed Properties
    • Fix for multiple aliases
  • SPSearchResultSource
    • Added a new ScopeUrl parameter to allow for local source creation
  • SPSearchTopology
    • Updated to remove some incorrect information
    • Fixed logic to handle the FirstPartitionDirectory in Get-TargetResource
  • SPSelfServiceSiteCreation
    • New resource to manage self-service site creation
  • SPServiceAppSecurity
    • Added local farm token
    • Fixed issues that prevented the resource to work as expected in many situations.
  • SPSite
    • Added the possibility for creating the default site groups
    • Added the possibility to set AdministrationSiteType
    • Fixed test method that in some cases always would return false
    • Fixed a typo in the values to check for AdministrationSiteType
    • Fixed an access denied issue when creating default site group when the run as account does not have proper permissions for the site
  • SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer
    • Added parameter UseWReplyParameter
  • SPUserProfileServiceApp
    • Fixed issue which was introduced in v2.5 where the service application proxy was not created.
    • Updated resource to grant the InstallAccount permissions to a newly created service application to prevent issues in the Get method.
  • SPUserProfileSyncConnection
    • Fixed issue where empty IncludedOUs and ExcludedOUs would throw an error
  • SPWebAppClientCallableSettings
    • New resource to manage web application client callable settings including proxy libraries.
  • SPWebAppPropertyBag
    • New resource to manage web application property bag
  • SPWebAppSuiteBar
    • Fixed incorrect test method that resulted in this resource to never apply changes.
    • Enable usage of SuiteBarBrandingElementHtml for SharePoint 2016 (only supported if using a SharePoint 2013 masterpage)

A huge thanks to the following guys for contributing to this project:

Nik Charlebois, Jens Otto Hatlevold, Andi Krüger and Yvan Duhamel


For more information about how to install SharePointDsc, check our


Let us know in the comments what you think of this new release! And make sure you watch this blog for more info on the release of SharePointDsc v3.0 which will support SharePoint 2019 RTM.

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