Announcing data residency in Canada for Microsoft Stream

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Microsoft Stream is a global service and already widely in use by customers around the world. In our ongoing commitment to support local governments and other needs, we continue to enable more regions in which customers can store their Stream data. Towards this, we are excited to announce the option to store Microsoft Stream data in the Canada region. Starting September 24, 2018, any new Canada-based tenants automatically benefited from this new Stream region.


What does this mean for customers already using Microsoft Stream in this new region?

At this time, content for customers in Canada already using Microsoft Stream prior to September 24, 2018 will remain in the region where it was originally stored. To determine the region in which your Stream data is stored,  click on the “?” in your Stream portal and then click on “About Microsoft Stream. 




How can I request my data to be moved to this new region?

Currently, we don’t support moving data from one region to another. At a future date, we should be able to support move requests. Please stay tuned via our blog and Office 365 Message Center.


What do I need to do to have my data stored in this new region?

Microsoft Stream will automatically store your data in the Canada region if your organization started using Stream on or after September 24, 2018. The region is chosen based on the billing address specified in Azure Active Directory (AAD). There is no action needed from you other than to confirm your billing details reflect the right billing country.


For more information, please visit Microsoft Stream documentation.

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