Workplace Analytics – November 2018: Meeting exclusion rules

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The Workplace Analytics team is excited to announce our feature updates for November (see past blog articles here). This month, you’ll learn about our makeover of the Meeting exclusion rules feature.


In the past, building custom meeting exclusion rules took much time and effort, but as of this month, it has been streamlined significantly.

Here are the changes:


  • The process of building meeting exclusion rules has become a guided flow. As you walk through an industry-tested set of heuristics for excluding non-work-related meetings, you'll see the cumulative impact of the exclusions and customizations that you are making to your rule:


1. Summary of meetings.png


  • We provide a suggested default exclusion rule that you can apply. Alternatively, you can create custom rules by using word clouds, tables, and keyword searches. These controls were designed to help you understand what topics and phrases appear most often in your meetings so that you can fine-tune your meeting exclusions:


2. Identify exceptions.png



To create a custom meeting exclusion rule

  1. In Workplace Analytics, select Queries and then Meeting exclusions.
  2. On the right side of the page, select Add exclusion. This opens the Queries > Meeting exclusions > New meeting exclusion page. Type a name and a description for your new exclusion rule.

This starts the flow of steps in which you author your new rule by defining exclusions for these categories of meetings:

  • Cancelled meetings
  • Appointments
  • Large meetings
  • Long meetings
  • Meetings to exclude by topic

For more information, including a step-by-step walkthrough, see Meeting exclusion rules.


Note: All rules built with the previous meeting exclusions feature can still be used in Workplace Analytics Queries or set as the preferred rule in Explore and Solutions. These rules can be viewed, but they cannot be edited or duplicated.


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