Invite your co-workers to use Microsoft Stream

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Originally published by Amit Rajput, Senior Program Manager, on Thursday, August 11, 2016


We recently updated our invite experience to make it easier for you to invite your co-workers to use Microsoft Stream!  Inviting co-workers allows them to view the great videos you have already uploaded, and gives them a chance to upload their videos to share with you.  This helps you to easily collaborate with your team or across your entire organization to increase productivity and grow your library of easily searchable videos.


Inviting co-workers

  1. Simply click the Invite button on the top navigation bar inside Microsoft Stream to open up the invite dialog.

  2. You can now simply invite users within the invite dialog.  If your organization uses Azure Active directory, you will be able to search for co-workers using their names.

  3. Otherwise you can simply directly add an email address belonging to the same email domain as yourself.

  4. Once you have added the users or groups, select the invite button to send an email to your coworkers.

That’s it! Now you can easily invite your co-workers to use Microsoft Stream with you.  Don’t forget to join the Microsoft Stream Community , where you can connect with other users, get support and provide feedback and ideas directly to the Microsoft Stream development team.

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