The Security and Compliance Blanket of Microsoft 365

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Today we discuss security, compliance, privacy and transparency from the ground up within the trusted, enterprise-grade protection matrix of Microsoft 365 (Office 365). As more trust shifts to the cloud, this episode brings insights from experts behind and in front of threat protection and cloud security: Bill Baer, Debraj Ghosh, and Matt Swann. Also in the mix are more of our favorite three-letter acronyms, such as DLP, DRM, ATP, AIP, and the notable four-letter GDPR. You'll also learn the tactics behind Microsoft's Red Team and Blue Team.  

TRT: 68min

  1. Show Intro [00:00:00:00]
  2. Topic of the Week – Security and Compliance with Debraj Ghosh and Bill Baer [00:01:47:00]
  3. Guest Perspective – Matt Swann, Cloud Security Expert [00:36:45:00]
  4. FAQs of the Week [00:56:45:00]
  5. Upcoming Events [01:04:25:00]
  6. Show Wrap [01:07:24:00]

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