Play with Morse Code in Small Basic (1)

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First published on MSDN on Jan 19, 2019

Authored by Nonki Takahashi

There are some Morse code program in Small Basic.  But today I'd like to start creating new Morse program - Morse Telegraph Key.  This program will be a good key input sample.

Challenges about Morse code

Following three challenges are about Morse code.  And for example, program TCZ203 (by NaochanON) is a solution of a challenge (in October 2011).

First step for Morse Telegraph Key

I started to write a new program Morse Telegraph Key.  Program ID NHT122 is the first version 0.1a.  This program just shows durations in millisecond between key down and key up.  I will continue to modify this program and will report it on this blog later.  Thanks.

Known Issues

  • Keys space and return (enter) are not be available after click the Reset button.

  • After click the text box, durations are not displayed correctly.  Push Reset button to avoid that.

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