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Welcome back to our CATwalk Author Bio series! Just a refresher, we're the AzureCAT team. And since "CAT" stands for Customer Advisory Team, saying "AzureCAT team" is like saying "We're the Azure Customer Advisory Team team." … which is weird. So just call us AzureCAT.

Nomenclature aside, CATwalk is our new series of blogs where you get to meet the CATs who make our content possible. For our second CATwalk, you get to pal around with Rakesh Patil.



Rakesh is an AzureCAT Senior Program Manager from India. He has a range of experience and is well-versed in the Linux and UNIX operating systems, storage, micro services, and modern workloads. Rakesh is currently working with the leading Linux operating system vendors and providing solutions to enterprise customers.

Rakesh graduated from Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical, and Technology  (in India) with a BCA degree, Bachelor of Computer Applications.

Rakesh joined the tech industry in 2004. He worked as a systems associate for Tech Mahindra and HCL before joining Orange as a senior systems administrator. Rakesh later moved to Red Hat and held the same position. He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer, and NetApp and Virtualization Administrator. In 2016, Microsoft was fortunate enough to have Rakesh join AzureCAT, where he continues to share his knowledge with our customers. 



Rakesh is an active AzureCAT contributor and has authored or co-authored a number papers and e-books. In April of 2019, Rakesh co-authored the Parallel Virtual File Systems on Microsoft Azure e-book, which documents the results of a series of performance tests on Azure to see how scalable Lustre, GlusterFS, and BeeGFS are. You can download the e-book or read it in installments.



In September 2017, Rakesh co-authored Azure GAHP Server for HTCondor, an article about the collaboration between AzureCAT and the University of Wisconsin resulting in the development of an Azure GAHP (Grid ASCII Helper Protocol) specification and an Azure GAHP server. Together they enable the HTCondor framework to use Azure for running high-throughput computing (HTC) workloads using Azure Virtual Machines and virtual machine scale sets.


You can find a complete listing of Rakesh's work and guidance using his AzureCAT tag:


AzureCAT thanks Rakesh Patil for his contributions to the Microsoft community thus far, and we look forward to more great work!


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