Hardware Dev Center now automatically registers Extension IDs

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First published on MSDN on Nov 08, 2017
Starting November 7, you will no longer need to register Extension IDs via service request. The Hardware Developer Center will automatically read Extension IDs from the INF file and register the ID against the organization submitting the Extension INF.


How do I register my Extension ID?

When you submit your extension driver, Hardware Developer Center will automatically read your INF and register the extension ID against your organization.

Can I reuse an Extension ID?

Yes, an organization can reuse its extension IDs. However, an extension ID registered for another organization cannot be reused and will result in a submission error.

What if the Extension ID I submitted is used by another organization?

Extension IDs cannot be reused across organizations. If this is done, the Hardware Developer Center will return the following error:

The ExtensionID used in this submission is already in use by another organization. Please resubmit with a new Extension ID. Refer to this link for help.

Can I create a shipping label for my extension ID?

In March 2018, the Hardware Dev Center has enabled the ability for all partners to create shipping labels for Extension INFs. This will allow partners to share and publish them in the same manner as other submissions.

Extension INFs must always be published with specific targeting. Both automatic driver promotion options much be checked.

Note: Hardware Dev Center will not allow an Extension INF to be published as optional-only.

All items within a submission that contain an Extension INF must be marked automatic and will not be allowed to publish as optional-only. For example, if you did not split your BASE driver out of the submission, you would not be able to publish your BASE driver as optional-only.

Extension INFs not published as automatic are not listed in Device Manager for an end user to initiate an Update Driver action.

There is no installation order when multiple Extension INFs are installed to a device.

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