Schedule Custom Reports for your Driver Failure Details

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First published on MSDN on Oct 08, 2018
Using APIs to pull your driver failure details just got a lot easier. We are super excited to announce a new asynchronous API suite that will allow you to schedule custom reports for your driver failure data. You no longer need to make thousands of API calls every day to get this data.

All you need to do is to create your report template based on your business needs, set a schedule for your report, and you're done! You will be notified on a regular basis when new data is ready and can download all of it at once. You won’t need to handle things like row limits, paginations etc. while pulling the data ever again.

The new API suite also exposes additional dimensions such as CPU Name, OS SKU, OS Release Version, Hardware ID etc., along with newer metrics such as Unique device count per failure bucket. These APIs also support advanced aggregations and increased reliability when compared to the existing synchronous API suite.

The high-level API call flow is illustrated below and you can find more details and sample report templates here . The API documentation is also available in swagger . Code samples to integrate are here .

The early pilot feedback has been very promising, and we’d encourage you to integrate with the new API suite and share your feedback with us!

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