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But… what is Microsoft Invoicing?

Invoicing is an easy to use online and mobile app that can help small businesses get paid faster. It makes it easy to create and send professional-looking invoices and estimates to customers, and quickly accept their payments online.


Designed to keep IT overhead to a bare minimum, Invoicing lets you manage information about your customers and the items or services you sell. It also gives insight into your sales process. For example, you can track pending, partial, and overdue payments, and view statistics for monthly and yearly sales.


That’s great. Now…how do you get the app?

Right now, Invoicing is included in an Office 365 Business Premium subscription for customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Just sign into Office 365, and search for the Invoicing  icon in the app launcher.1024x1024.pngYou can also just bookmark this page and sign in with your Office 365 account:



Get more than just estimates and invoices

You can use Invoicing as a dashboard that shows key points of interest about your business, such as the total outstanding amount that you've invoiced, and the overdue amounts that should have been paid by now.

The Home page also offers easy access to key tasks, such as creating new invoices or estimates, adding customers or new products to sell, or editing your preferences and settings.


We're there for you

Need more help or support? The Home page also has a tile that opens the “Get started” page where you can launch videos to help you in the first steps. Alternatively, the question mark in the top right corner takes you to the online help, communities where you can discuss things with other Invoicing users, this blog, and a place to submit your suggestions and ideas on how to improve Invoicing. 


Get Invoicing on your mobile device

Of course, Invoicing is also available on mobile devices, so you can leverage your Invoicing data on the go, and send invoices to your customers right there on your phone.


You can download the Invoicing app on your mobile device from the app stores.







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