Lesson Learned #63: It is possible to create Linked Server in Azure SQL Managed Instance?

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First published on MSDN on Jan 19, 2019
The answer is Yes!!! and to create it you only need to follow up the instructions provided in this URL Unfortunately, nowadays, you only are able to use the SQL provider to connect to Azure SQL Database, SQL Server or Azure SQL Managed Instance.

My lessons learned in this situation is you need to pay attention

  • For Azure SQL Database:

    • Please review this URL to open the outbound ports 1433,11000-11999 and 14000-14999 to connect to Azure SQL Database

    • Remember to use in the user name@server in the user name format.

    • If you want to reduce the surface security impact and only open the port 1433 as outbound, please, review this URL to disable the re-direction process.

    • Finally, remember that the IP source of the Azure SQL Managed Instance will be the IP of the external load balancer and you need to open in your Azure SQL Database firewall - Review this URL. Also, there is not possible nowadays to add the service endpoint of our Azure SQL Database.

  • If you are connecting to SQL Server or to another Azure SQL Managed Instance you need the port 1433.


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