Lesson Learned #65: Azure SQL Database – Using Read Scale Out option

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First published on MSDN on Jan 21, 2019
Today, I worked on a service request when our customer is using the option to Scale Out to connect to the secondary replicas without creating Geo-Replication. Right now, in Premium and vCore database Tier we have the option to connect to the secondary replicas that we have for our database in read only mode.

See this URL, and you could find all the details.

Unfortunately, for geo-replicated databases and read scale out databases we don't have Query Data Store to review the queries executed but we could use other ways to obtain these details:

    • Running sys.dm_db_resource_stats to review the resources utilization.

    • Use this PowerShell Script as an example and I developed time ago URL , to capture useful information about the execution of the queries.


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