We’ve made updates to the Windows Admin Center SDK (Preview)!

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First published on on Aug 09, 2018
We’re excited to announce the following updates to the SDK, currently in public preview:

  • Windows Admin Center CLI

  • Target an SDK version

  • Refreshed examples

  • Publishing extensions and plugins

  • What’s next?

Windows Admin Center CLI

We’ve released the Windows Admin Center CLI as part of the SDK!  The CLI installs seamlessly alongside your other global dependencies by running ‘npm install -g windows-admin-center-cli’.  Once installed, you can create a new empty tool or solution with a single command, with more features planned in upcoming releases.  Read more about using the CLI in our SDK documentation .

Target an SDK version

Keeping your extension up to date with SDK changes and platform changes is easy.  We’re using NPM to tag the GA release, preview release, and latest versions of our platform dependencies. Learn how to use those to update your development environment automatically, and switch between versions to validate your extension’s integration with our latest features.

Refreshed examples

We’ve refreshed the tool , solution , and gateway plugin examples to leverage all the latest features in the Windows Admin Center platform, and the examples are now built on top of the Windows Admin Center CLI.  Check them out!

Publishing extensions and plugins

You have more options for publishing extensions and gateway plugins .  Now you can bundle a gateway plugin with an extension package.

What’s next?

We’re on the path to GA release of the Windows Admin Center SDK!  A number of additional improvements and new content are planned between now and then, stay tuned for updates.

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