New features in SQL CTP2.3 releases

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First published on MSDN on Sep 03, 2015

We are excited to share the new features which shipped in SQL CTP2.3 public release.  You can download the product here:, and Excel add-in here:

In this monthly release, we added a few highly asked features.  Please give it try and look forward to hearing your feedback.

Manage Business Rules (MDS Add-in for Excel)

In the Master Data Services Add-in for Excel you can manage Business Rules, such as creating and editing business rules. Business rules are used to validate data. For more information, see Manage Business Rules (MDS Add-in for Excel) .

Many-to-Many Relationships in Derived Hierarchies

You can now create a Derived Hierarchy that displays many-to-many relationships. A many-to-many relationship between two entities may be modeled through the use of a third entity that provides a mapping between them. The mapping entity is an entity that has two or more domain-based attributes referencing other entities.

For example, entity M has a domain-based attribute that references A and a domain-based attribute that references B. You can create a hierarchy from A to B using the mapping entity.

For more information, see Show Many-to-Many Relationships in Derived Hierarchies (Master Data Services)

Merge Conflicts

If you try to publish data that has been changed by another user, the publish will fail with a conflict error. To resolve this error, you can perform merge conflicts and republish the changes. For more information, see Merge Conflicts (Master Data Services) and Merge Conflicts (MDS Add-in for Excel) .

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