What’s New in Master Data Services – SQL2016 CTP2.2(July) Release

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First published on MSDN on Jul 23, 2015
SQL Server 2016 Community Technology Preview 2.2 is publicly released and the latest bits can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/evaluate-sql-server-2016

In CTP2.2 MDS introduced following changes:

1. Custom Indexes

You can create a non-clustered index on one attribute (single index) or on a list of attributes (composite index), in an entity, to help improve the query performance. For more information, see Custom Index (Master Data Services) .

2. Entity Sync Relationship

You can share entity data between different models by creating an entity sync relationship. For more information, see Entity Sync Relationship (Master Data Services) .

3. Member Revision History

A member revision history is recorded when a member is changed. You can rollback a revision history, as well as view and annotate revisions. Using the Log Retention Days property, you can specify how long historical data is retained. For more information, see Member Revision History (Master Data Services) .

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