The case of the unexplained – The package gets distributed successfully but does not show in the Console

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Hi Folks,


Lately was looped in an issue where we target a DP to the package and from the DistMgr.log it shows 2301 for the package being successfully send to the DP and verified in the ContentLib too but does not show in the console. It stays 0.


I’ve a key created before on the info of the flow in background. There are 4 main Global tables which are responsible for other updates on other tables via Trigger –



1. SMSPackages_G
[tr_SMSPackages_ContentNotification] -> ContentDistribution
                                       [tr_ContentDistribution_Notification] -> ContentDistributionNotification
                                                                              [tr_ContentDistributionNotification_Summarizer] ->  ContentDistributionMessages



 2. PkgServers_G 
[ tr_PkgServers_G_ContentNotification ] –>ContentDistributionNotification -[ tr_ContentDistributionNotification_insert ] –>ContentDistribution
–>[Cont] ContentDistribution                                                                  
[ tr_ContentDistributionNotification_Summarizer ] –>  ContentDistributionMessages
| [tr_ContentDistribution_Notification] -> ContentDistributionNotification


3. PkgStatus_G 
[tr_PkgStatus_G_ContentNotification]-> ContentDistribution 
				[tr_ContentDistribution_Notification] -> ContentDistributionNotification 
 									[tr_ContentDistributionNotification_Summarizer] ->  ContentDistributionMessages
4. DistributionStatus 
[ tr_DistributionStatus_ContentNotification ] -> ContentDistributionMessages

- Use the 2 nd one above for this case as we are tracking the DP targeting.


Now in our case, I see the entry in the PkgServers_G table for the DP being added.

Checking for the package

select * from smspackages where pkgid = 'TX1000AD'
select * from PkgServers_G where pkgid = 'TX1000AD'
select * from ContentDistributionNotification where pkgid = 'TX1000AD'
select * from ContentDistribution where pkgid = 'TX1000AD'


- So I see the ContentDistributionNotification has the value but ContentDistribution table does not.


- So the insert trigger [ tr_ContentDistributionNotification_insert ] on the ContentDistributionNotification table is not running.

- Got a snippet of the trigger [see below] and modified it to return and check if that has the value and yes we do see the value, so if this trigger was run it would have send the updates to the other tables.

SELECT ins.DistributionID,
ISNULL(ver.AvailableVersionState, 0) AS PkgSourceState,
PkgServerAction, /* will be updated after this trigger */
GETUTCDATE() AS PkgServerLastRefresh, /* will be updated after this trigger 
ISNULL(s.Status, 0) AS PkgStatusStatus,
ISNULL(s.SourceVersion, 0) AS PkgStatusSourceVersion,
ISNULL(s.UpdateTime, GETUTCDATE()) AS PkgStatusUpdateTime,
ISNULL(v.DistributedVersionState, 0) AS DPReportedState,
ISNULL(v.DistributedVersion, 0) AS DPReportedVersion,
ISNULL(v.DistributedVersionTime, GETUTCDATE()) AS DPTimeLastReported 
FROM ContentDistributionNotification ins 
JOIN DistributionPoints dp on dp.DPID = ins.DPID 
LEFT JOIN SMSPackages_G pkg on pkg.PkgID = ins.PkgID 
LEFT JOIN DistributionContentVersion ver ON ver.PkgID = ins.PkgID AND 
pkg.SourceSite = ver.SiteCode AND ver.DPNALPath = N''
LEFT JOIN PkgStatus_G s ON s.PkgServer = dp.NALPath and s.ID = ins.PkgID 
LEFT JOIN DistributionContentVersion v ON v.DPNALPath = dp.NALPath and 
v.PkgID = ins.PkgID 
where ins.PkgID = 'TX1000AD'


- Confirmed it by running a Profiler that the Insert Trigger never ran.

- Ran the Insert Trigger Manually. And now the Data came in the ContentDistribution.

- But still the Data is not reflecting in the Console.

- Upon Verification found that the 'StateGroup' for the working is 1 in the ContentDistributionNotifications Table. But in our case it is 0.

- Found that there is Trigger for the ContentDistribution table [ tr_ContentDistribution_Notification ] which updates that in the ContentDistributionNotification table. And that also did not run.

- Ran the same manually and the StateGroup changed to 1.

- The console now shows the same as installed.

- So not sure why the insert trigger did not work for -


1. ContentDistributionNotification

2. ContentDistribution


- One thing which is now known to us is that only the first trigger on the PkgServers_G ran and after that none of the triggers ran. Rings a bell!!! :)


- The setup has not worked from August and upon checking found that the SQL was upgraded to SQL 2012. So chances are that the SQL properties could be modified.


- Followed the link - and checked the option for


1.) Server trigger recursion and 2.) Nested triggers which was OFF .

- Set it on by running:


sp_configure 'show advanced options' , 1
reconfigure with override
sp_configure 'server trigger recursion' , 1
reconfigure with override
sp_configure 'nested triggers' , 1
reconfigure with override


Checked now and the issue got fixed!! :)


Hope it helps! Do keep working and sharing!


Umair Khan
Support Escalation Engineer | Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 

Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.

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