DevOps For ASP.NET Developers Pt.2 – Source Control | On .NET

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When using Azure Repos you have the option of choosing from centralized version control with TFVC or distributed version control with Git.

In part 2 of our DevOps For ASP.NET Developers series, Abel and Jeremy explain the difference between these two options and show how we can get started with Azure Repos. They will walk us through creating branches, adding policies, and also integrating with GitHub.

  • [01:20] - Introducing Azure Repos
  • [04:25] - Using external repos with Azure DevOps
  • [05:58] - Free unlimited private repos
  • [06:24] - Setting up branch policies
  • [09:32] - Automatically adding code reviewers
  • [09:57] - Using a GitHub repo with Azure DevOps
  • [11:19] - Setting up Azure DevOps integration from the GitHub Marketplace
  • [13:44] - Inspecting the generated pipeline from the GitHub integration


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