New Community Mentors mobile app launching July 1!

Many of you have told us how much you love the Community Mentors Program, and how having access to the right mentors at the right time has positively impacted your life and career. Over 1,500 Diversity and Tech members in more than 80 countries are currently participating in the program, and many have chosen to continue their mentoring relationship long beyond the three months of each mentoring cycle. 


Good news! Starting July 1, 2019, you will get to be in the driver’s seat on your own mentorship journey through our newly launched Community Mentors Program mobile app! That’s right – through the app, you’ll now have the ability to self-select mentors that share similar life experiences, and who can offer you perspectives/insights in the technology area or life skill area that you’re looking for. An app platform that’s available 24/7 means that you can customize your own profile, share your personal story, choose your preferred mentoring time zone and more! 


We’re excited to announce our partnership with a Microsoft for Startups-backed Seattle startup, Tribute in delivering a modern mentorship app to cater to our members’ need for a simplified, quality mentoring experience!


Designed for the modern workforce, Tribute’s mobile app aims to create authentic connections by harnessing the power of personal storytelling and shared experiences. Using existing Microsoft Tech Community credentials, users can create a personal profile to share their story as well as discover and connect with mentors by swiping through other users’ stories. Mentoring pairs can now commit to an initial 30-day engagement to see if the match feels right – if so, the mentorship duration can then be further extended twice, up to 90 days (and beyond, if you later decide to continue offline!). Unlike in previous Community Mentors Program cycles where you had to wait for a match to be assigned to you, in this new mobile mentoring app, you’re able to connect with your selected mentor on-demand assuming it’s a good fit and the mentor accepts your mentorship request.


We’re thrilled to be Tribute’s first-ever client! Here in the Microsoft Diversity and Tech community, we believe in the power of personal storytelling in mentorships, and are excited to leverage a mobile app platform (hosted on Microsoft Azure, no less!) to empower this community in finding the mentor you need, when you need it most.  We’re also proud to live our mission out loud by supporting a local female founder, Sarah Haggard who is also a seed grant winner in the Microsoft M12 Female Founders Competition. To learn more about Sarah and her mission to redefine mentorship, visit  


Stay tuned for our official launch right here on the Diversity and Tech Community, coming your way July 1! We can’t wait to unveil what we’ve been working on for months, and are excited to welcome all our community members onboard this exciting new platform. 




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