Skype for Business Server Public IM Federation is changing

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If you currently have connected you Skype for Business Server to consumer IM federation, you will want to read this and insure you are configured for the future.


Federation between Skype for Business on-premise deployments and Skype (Consumer) will change on 8/15/2019 to use federated partner discovery, which is the same mechanism required for federation with Skype for Business Online. The website that was formerly used to manually provision on-premise deployments for public IM connectivity will be shut down due to end of life. Communication between any on-premise Skype for Business deployment and Skype users via the existing Public IM infrastructure now requires the on-premise edge server configuration to be compatible with Skype for Business Online.

If the customer’s SfB deployment is currently using public IM connectivity but is not able to federate with Skype for Business Online due to their edge proxy FQDN configuration and/or their certificate is incompatible with federated partner discovery, they will need to update their deployment configuration by 8/15/2019. Failure to do so could lead to an interruption to public IM connectivity.

Please note this change may require the purchase of a new certificate.

Please visit our documentation on this issue to learn more.


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