Let’s look WinUI 3.0 alpha

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At Ignite 2019, WinUI 3.0 Alpha was released. The details are as following links:

From the link, you can get a vsix file to project templates for WinUI 3.0. After installing it, you can find many templates for WinUI.


Let's look the Blank App(WinUI UWP) C#

There is a Microsoft.WinUI version 3.0.0-alpha.19101.0 package reference. Under Microsoft.WinUI.Controls namespace, there are already a lot of controls, we can use them.(But there are a few limitation in alpha version.)



It works almost all fine.(Alpha version has a few limitation, for ex: transparency, etc...)


Features still not implemented in this version

One of great features of WinUI 3.0 I think is to support XAML Islands. XAML Islands is working currently on Windows 10 1903.

However, WinUI 3.0 is going to support Windows 10 Creators Update or above. After end of Windows 7 support, we can use all UWP controls on our Win32 apps(exclude running on Windows 8.1).

I'm really looking forward to be released it.



I just looked a project template for Blank App(WinUI UWP) in this article.

It was already worked fine.

I think it is great milestone for Windows Developers, if you feel it is interesting, then please check update info of Windows UI Library from the repository.



Happy developing Windows app!




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