Upcoming configuration change for Desktop Analytics..

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We are introducing a configuration update for Desktop Analytics soon. We want you to experience uninterrupted service and continue to leverage insights to accelerate your windows deployments. This change might not impact you, to determine the impact for your organization, read on:


What is this change all about?

In order to provide you with an improved Desktop Analytics experience, starting Jan 6, 2020 we are making a configuration update. We need your help to make sure you have a smooth transition and are asking that you whitelist a new endpoint https://*.manage.microsoft.com to continue sharing diagnostic data with the Desktop Analytics portal.


How does this affect me?

The new endpoint will be used to sync device collection memberships, deployment plans, and device readiness status with Desktop Analytics. If you do not add the endpoint below, the data in the Desktop Analytics portal and Configuration Manager will become stale and you will stop receiving updated data snapshots.


What do I need to do to prepare for this change?

Configure your proxy server to allow this endpoint: https://*.manage.microsoft.com. For more information, see all endpoints which needs to be configured. If you’ve already white-listed the endpoint, then no further action is needed. If you need any assistance on this change, contact DASupport.


See additional information for more on device enrollment in Desktop Analytics.


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