The #DevDecember Weekly Roundup: Week 3

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We’re having a delightful time revisiting the most awe-inspiring and fun Azure and dev moments from 2019. Here’s what we dished up in week three:


December 16th: GitHub Sponsorships
Thank you, open source developers, for building cool things that anyone can use, you deserve the community’s full support! That’s why in 2019, GitHub launched a program called GitHub Sponsors. It’s a new way to financially support open source development and it even received an extra boost with the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund. GitHub will match all contributions up to $5,000 during a developer’s first year in GitHub Sponsors. Be a part of it ->


December 17th: Sony and Microsoft partnership

Great news for gamers and content creators: Sony and Microsoft announced they are joining forces to support their game and content-streaming services. The partnership aims to build better development platforms and explore collaboration around semiconductors and artificial intelligence. Learn more ->


December 18th: Azure Tips + Tricks

A treasure trove of tips, videos, and live coding sessions that will help you tackle real-world challenges. Tips cover the breadth of the Azure platform and are added weekly. Get the latest tips->  

December 19th: HoloLens Demo

Imagine you can be anywhere and speak any language. It may sound like sci-fi, but with artificial intelligence and holographic experiences, such superpowers are entering the realm of possibility! You’ll want to see this jaw-dropping demonstration of the magic of holograms with Julia White. Watch ->

December 20th: Introducing Microsoft Q&A
Q: Where do you go to get answers to technical questions? A: Q&A.

Hosted on Microsoft Docs, Q&A is a tag-based experience that allows you to ask questions about products and services. Follow posts, tags, or people to get updates. Learn more->  


Sneak peek at December 21st: .NET Video Series
This great series of .NET videos is perfect for all developers looking to learn a new skill and for students who are aspiring to a coding career. The series provides a free introduction to the .NET developer platform and how to use it. Watch ->


Sneak peek at December 22nd: Minecraft Earth

The new, coolest game is in town and it’s based on an old favorite. Using Azure Spatial Anchors, you can place Minecraft experiences all over your own neighborhood and play along with others. Watch the demo ->

Believe it or not, we’re nowhere near done yet. Next week we’ll pay homage to inspiring anyone, anywhere, to follow their dev dreams. Dream along with us and see what else we’ve got lined up.


Happy dev’ing from your hosts of #DevDecember!  

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